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In Memory

Marian Wisniewski - Class Of 1983

Marian Wisniewski

Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Marian knew how much of an amazing sister, mother, Babci, daughter, friend, co-worker, and all around great person she was. She was the most beautiful, brave, loving, strong and caring person I have ever known. No matter what test she was put through, no matter how hard or scary they may have been, she fought her way through them and could always put a smile on her face through the most difficult situations. Anything Marian put her mind to doing, she did. Just to tell you the basics and not going into every single problem she had, 15 years ago, at the age of 32, she was told she had breast cancer. They say that the 5-year survival rate is lower in women with breast cancer before age 40 (83%) compared to women at age 40 & older (90%). After the 5 year mark, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. There were statistics and even some doctors believe it or not, that would make a normal person just give up, not Marian. From beginning to end of her 15-year battle, the odds were against her every step of the way, and anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Nothing, would stand in her way and keep her from doing everything she always wanted, like graduating valedictorian of her class in 2003, spending time with her family, raising her daughter, taking vacations (Jamaica, Punta Cana, Maine, Florida, and Nashville) getting married barefoot in Maine, buying her jeep that she always wanted, playing with her grandbabies and waking up in the morning for as long as she did after being given a certain amount of “months“ to live every few years. She beat so many odds and shocked many doctors and people with how strong of a person she was. At the age of 47 years old, Marian Lee Tustin, became an angel. She was surrounded by loved ones, she waited until every one of her family members arrived to say goodbye, and I love you. So this leads me to believe she went because she was ready, not because she was taken, which is exactly how she always was. Now, she feels no pain, and she never has to hear anymore devastating news from doctors or be told there’s nothing more they can do. Her strength, her positive attitude, her sense of humor, her voice (especially when she would sing), her warm hands, her glowing personality, her laugh and her beautiful smile, I will miss and always love about her, but will eternally inspire me and live on in my heart and anyone who she has ever known or met, forever…