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Welcome to the Bensalem Alumni Association Inc. website! This is the first site for all alumni from Bensalem High School. Our site now lists every person who graduated from Bensalem High School, as well as some members who attended BHS and did not graduate with their class. Plus, all the Teachers who taught at BHS are included as well. That’s a total of over 28,000 names!

The Bensalem Alumni Association was established in 1986. Each year, the association awards scholarships to deserving BHS seniors. The Bensalem Alumni Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which relies on fundraising activities, member dues, donations, and the unselfish help of volunteers to honor our school and the students who make BHS great! 

We host a golf outing every June to support these efforts. This year, our 36th Annual Bensalem Alumni Association, Inc. Golf Outing is being held on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. To register, click on the tab on the left "Dues/Donations/Golf Outing," or mail in your check, made payable to Bensalem Alumni Association, to the address listed below.

Our All Year Reunion (AYR) is being held on Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 1675 @ the Ridges. Click on the tab on the left "All Year Reunion 2023" to register. Get your tickets early; we have a cut-off this year. We had over 300 attendees last year, so let's make this AYR the best one yet!!

Our Newsletter, with all of the latest information, is a feature of our organization. Our Spring 2023 edition will soon be mailed out, and will soon be available to peruse on our website. If you did not receive one, it means we do not have a correct address for you. Update your new address, and we’ll make sure you’re on the list! Also, our Newsletter is mailed out only to our dues-paying members. 

The Class of 1973 will be holding their 50th Reunion this summer!! For more info, click on the tab on the left "Class of 1973 50th Reunion," or visit their website: bensalemtwp73.com

We are always looking for volunteers. We hold our monthly meetings at the Bensalem Remax Office (1955 Street Road; Bensalem, PA 19020) every second Tuesday of the month at 6pm. We also have Zoom, to accomodate those members who wish to participate, but cannot attend the meetings in person. 

This is a free site, though we do request $12 per year to cover expenses and help with the scholarship costs. We depend on the kindness of alumni like you! Please consider joining us as a paying member. There is a Dues and Donations button on this page that you can use to join.

At this time, we have most of the yearbooks on our website. Look at the tabs to the left, and click on Yearbooks. 


Thank you!

The Bensalem Alumni Association, Inc. Board

Ray Guim '74, President

Linda Prindle (Panuccio) '72, Vice President

Christian Weidmann '09, Treasurer

Kathy Michaels (Hennessy) '74, Secretary

Bob Bell, III '70, Website Coordinator

John Paone '79, Newsletter Coordinator

Larry Silcox '72, Member-at-Large

Ed Allahand '73, Member-at-Large


Bensalem Alumni Association, Inc.

PO Box 26

Bensalem, PA 19020



"Once an owl always an owl!"



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Support our association! Please click the donate button below. Although this site is free, we encourage everyone to become a paying member. Dues are $12 per year. We also appreciate donations. Both can be made by PayPal or with a credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.

All dues and donations go to our scholarship fund. We currently give out six scholarships per year to deserving BHS seniors.

Thank you for your support.

Bensalem Alumni Association, Inc.



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Golf Outing


Dues $12


Owl Club $12 to $24 Grey Owl Club $25 to $49 Blue Owl Club $50 to $99 Gold Owl Club $100-$499 (add $12 dues and club)


Sponsor for All Year Reunion


•   Ernest Durkin (2001) 
•   Geralyn Haug 1967-1968 Science 
•   Robert G. Hadfield (1971) 
•   Linda DeHaven (Smedburg) (1971) 
•   Gary P. Gisondi (1970) 
•   Susan O. Livesay (1970) 
•   Lawrence Phelps (1967) 
•   Vernon J. Buddy Duckrey (1967) 
•   Eileen McKelvey (Connelly) (1966) 
•   Sandra A. Waterfield (Jackson) (1965) 
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