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In Memory

Shanek "Nikki" Gary (Harris) - Class Of 1990

Shanek Harris Obituary

Obituary published on Legacy.com by Geitner-Givnish Funeral Home on Mar. 28, 2024.

Shanek Treena Harris was born on April 12, 1972, to Pamal Green and Dwight Gary. From a young age, "Nikki" (which she was affectionately known as) showed a timid but quick-witted personality, as well as a love for things eccentric or "out of the norm". Growing up in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas, Nikki went to various schools throughout her youth, eventually graduating from Bensalem High School in 1990. Soon after high school, she entered the U.S. Army Reserves, and upon completing basic training, she would end up falling in love with Texas.
After completing her military obligation, Nikki would find herself pregnant with the first of her three children, Darius in 1992. Shortly after, she would have her second baby boy, Brandon, in 1993. While caring for her boys, Nikki worked a series of different jobs until landing at Aetna US Healthcare. In the midst of her new career, she welcomed her third child and only daughter, Cameron, in 1998. From that moment on, her absolute goal was always to make her children happy. Nikki remained employed at Aetna US Healthcare for 25 years until the time of her death.
Throughout her lifetime, Nikki was known for her unapologetic personality. Never striving to be the loudest in the room, but always a standout. Since her youth, Nikki has always had a protective instinct. Be it over her younger sister, Iesha, or watching over her younger cousins. A lover of anything unique, Nikki enjoyed the arts, bodybuilding, and crime shows. You might have had a hard time getting her to speak at first, but once comfortable enough, she shared her sarcasm and dark humor for hours.
Nikki had what some would call a tough exterior. Her tattoos, piercings, and rocker appearance spoke silently but had a deadly look to match. What many realized upon meeting her was that she was very articulate, caring, and empathetic to those she felt needed it. She never needed to be acknowledged for her actions; the service was a reward in itself.
Shanek Harris is preceded in death by her beloved mother, Pamal Green. She was survived by her stepfather, Tommy Doss; her younger sister, Iesha Green; her children, Darius (DJ), Brandon (Brizz) and Cameron (Camie) Jacobs, and a host of Aunts, Cousins, and a nephew, Na'il Mills, who she treated as an honorary child along with her children.
If it's one impression Nikki left on the world, it was to always be unapologetic yourself. An illuminating spirit, she can now join her mother, and keep providing light within us all.
Friends and family are invited to greet Nikki's family on Saturday, March 30, 2024 from 12:00 Noon until a small memorial service at 2:00 PM at the Geitner-Givnish Funeral Home, 6230 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, PA 19120.